Another Project

My latest project – The Rimu Box.

I’m am very pleased with the result. I spend a lot of time designing and planning projects, a part of the process that I love, but for this one it was a project in creativity and learning – honing the craft.

Along the way I made a few minor mistakes (never fatal to the project), but instead of letting them be a hindrance I worked through them, ironed them out, took moments to re-plan and think, and while it required more time it was time well spent in practice.

I kept all of the rimu from our old kitchen when we renovated and the other day decided to just pick up a piece in the workshop and see what I would create. I’ve got so much more of this rimu and plan to keep up the box making with it, as it’s all relatively thin having previously been T&G panelling.

Rimu is a beautiful wood and has a crazy cool figure. It’s great to work with a New Zealand native timber as well. Next time, I will try for a continuous wood grain wrap.

This piece was inspired heavily by two of my favourite woodworkers and creators (@mekwoodworks and @jkatzmoses). We’re so lucky to have so many ridiculously good teachers online these days – thank you guys!